Dog Turbo Mental Exercise Toy for Dogs

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  • Uploaded 10 months ago in the category Pet Accessories
    Quick and demanding thinking toy for dogs.
    Dimensions: diameter 37.5 cm, height 3.5 cm, weight approx.

    2 kg
    With Dog Turbo your dog get's a whole new challenge after mastering Dog Smart and Dog Brick.
    Place the treat in one of the 6 spiral-shaped channels.

    Your dog has to try to get it out using the four sliders.

    The treat has to be pushed with the sliders to one of the ends of the channels, where there is an opening for the treat to fall out of.
    If the slider is pushed quick enough, then the treats really fly out the sides of Dog Turbo.
    Always play this game together with your dog, making sure that he only uses his paws.

    Reward him when he's on the right track.

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